A Preferred Manufacturer of Duct Bank Spacers

If you’re looking for exceptionally high-quality duct bank spacers for electrical or utility industries, you’ve come to the right place. Power Plastics has been providing reliable and high-quality conduit duct spacers for more than two decades. We’ve won the trust of countless contractors, and we continue to be the preferred manufacturer of conduit spacers for the electrical industry in the underground space.

Conduit Spacers by Power Plastics. Underground Construction Division

What are Duct Spacers?

Duct bank spacers, or conduit cards, are designed to maintain essential conduit spacing when installing duct banks. They can be found in almost all underground installments. Without them, important power lines would collapse or malfunction severely. Duct bank spacers provide essential support to the conduits, preventing the important structures from slumping or bowing.

The solid HDPE conduit cards we manufacture have been used for decades. Our solid design offers many advantages over typical “chair” styles.  Two of the biggest are the cost savings produced by faster installation time, and the added safety of requiring personnel to spend less time in a trench.

See our Resources for Conduit Spacers page for additional information.

Note: Duct bank spacers are also referred to by the following terms, which often refer to the same thing.

  • Conduit Chairs
  • Conduit Spacers
  • Utility Duct Spacers
  • Utility Conduit Spacers
  • Base Spacers
  • Intermediate Spacers
  • Trench Spacers

Why Should You Purchase Duct Bank Spacers from Power Plastics?

Contractors from all over choose our duct bank spacers for many reasons.


We can custom-design any size and configuration conduit spacer card you need; all we need is the conduit size and the quantity of conduits per run. From that, we’ll supply CAD drawings of your spacers.

Constructed from High-Impact Polymer

Our duct bank spacers are manufactured in the U.S., using only HDPE made in the U.S.

Direct Burial, as Well as Encased Burial

Depending on your requirements, you can bury the conduit spacers directly, or easily put them in the concrete casing for protection.

Our Experience Saves You Time and Resources

Why Choose Power Plastics?

We’re built to be contractor-friendly. We keep it simple: You supply the measurements for conduit spacing, hole size and separation between duct runs. We take it from there, providing you with conduit spacers designed and built for your specific requirements.

Apart from being easy to work with, there are many more reasons to choose Power Plastics for your duct bank/conduit spacers.

We understand the hassle of searching for the right size of conduit spacers for your project. That’s why we offer both standard sizes and an option for custom manufacturing. That’s right: We can custom-build duct bank spacers to your requirements. Ordering is easy: Send us a drawing or hand sketch with the conduit size and spacing, and we’ll reply with a quote and a CAD drawing for your approval.

We keep an ample supply of raw materials in stock at all times. No job is too big or too small for us. If you need it, we can provide it.
We’re adept at ensuring timely deliveries. We understand the importance of keeping things on schedule. We have your materials in stock, and we run multiple shifts – we’re ready to meet your needs. And our duct spacers are assembly-ready, effectively reducing your project timeline. We’ll never charge you an expediting fee, even for same-day or one-day service. Our goal is to beat your expectations on both cost and lead time.
We manufacture our duct spacers using domestically produced high-density polyethylene (HDPE). HD-PE spacers are highly durable and can withstand extreme temperatures. They don’t shift under stress, and they can withstand high UV rays. This resilience means you can use them in a wide variety of settings. Our self-manufactured conduit spacers are also easy to identify for future maintenance. Read more about HDPE.
We build our duct bank spacers using high-grade polymers made to withstand high pressure levels. Our products – and options like pre-assembly – let your workers spend less time in a trench, opting for safer above-ground assembly.